Unify Video Footage with Production Data for Enhanced Process Understanding

Procheck's sophisticated video analytics enables you to harmonize visual insights with production data. Attain a holistic grasp of your production process, pinpointing avenues for refinement and optimization

The Procheck Solution

Advance incessant enhancement toward your business objectives! Procheck empowers you to gather and scrutinize production data, optimizing your operations.

Seamless Integration Solution

Remote monitor all assets and processes for real-time visibility at the unit level and across your plant

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Expandable Solution with Data Security

Unlimited users and infinite digital and analog data inputs. Get maximum protection through advanced encryption and secure network communication

Swift Deployment

IInstallation completed within an hour, maintaining uninterrupted production.

Video Process Analysis

Base Your Choices on Concrete Information

Eliminate uncertainties from your production process. Swiftly pinpoint the cause of stops by simply clicking on the data point and viewing the video. Receive real-time video footage of the line, enabling immediate problem diagnosis and resolution.

Downtime Analysis

Emphasis on Downtime Sources

View downtime causes through a Pareto chart, comprehending both frequency and productivity impact.
Delve deep into major concerns, detecting patterns that guide problem-solving and ongoing enhancement of the production process.

Defects and Rejects Analysis

Capture and track defects, rejections, and quality issues in real-time efficiently.
Foster continual improvement and optimize processes by taking data-driven actions grounded in real-time defect and reject analytics.

Analog Sensor Analytics

Ensure Uninterrupted Process Flow

Proactively avert disruptions and enhance processes by analyzing analog sensor data alongside performance metrics.
Observe outcomes and establish optimal levels for parameters like temperature, humidity, pH, pressure, or others influencing quality and output.

Our track record speaks for itself.

We operate across Industries

Our flexible solutions apply across various industries


Ensure seamless batch production and data tracebility

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Optimize yield with production monitoring and analytics

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Consumer Goods

Accelerate throughput with cutting edge technology

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Sustain high-speed quality production and reach out target output

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Gain instant visibility into the
manufacturing process

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Gain real time accessiblity of factory operations to reduce downtime

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