Boost Manufacturing Standards and Perpetually Improve Your Procedures

Initiate ongoing enhancement in your manufacturing process with Procheck. Recognize performance disparities, refine production quality, and proactively progress toward manufacturing excellence.

Guiding you through every phase as you strive to establish an intelligent, digital factory. Embrace the potential of data-driven enhancements and remain competitive within the Industry 4.0 environment.

The Procheck Solution

Advance incessant enhancement toward your business objectives! Procheck empowers you to gather and scrutinize production data, optimizing your operations.

Seamless Integration Solution

Remote monitor all assets and processes for real-time visibility at the unit level and across your plant

Expandable Solution with Data Security

Unlimited users and infinite digital and analog data inputs. Get maximum protection through advanced encryption and secure network communication

Swift Deployment

IInstallation completed within an hour, maintaining uninterrupted production.


Your Data, Easily Accessible and Highly Tailored

Effortlessly personalize data analysis using conveniently accessible dashboards.

Crafted to offer maximum value, these dashboards empower you to tailor your utility consumption reporting and analytics.

Gain profound insights into resource usage, pinpoint trends, and employ data-driven decisions for boosting efficiency and fostering sustainability.

Analog Sensors

Enhance Efficiency and Lower Costs with Precision

Monitor your utility usage in real-time, detecting inefficiencies and refining the utilization of crucial resources like electricity, water, gas, and compressed air.With instant, comprehensive data readily available, you can efficiently diminish waste, decrease expenses, and advance sustainability within your manufacturing operations.

Advanced Analytics

Enhance Profitability through Intelligent Utility Consumption

Identify critical efficiency avenues by proactively scrutinizing utility usage in conjunction with production performance. Evaluate energy consumption even during equipment downtime.Study how utility usage affects product quality and comprehend resource requisites at distinct production phases. Incorporate external factors such as seasonal fluctuations and peak utility rates for operational optimization.

Sustainability Reporting

Utilize Utility Monitoring for Precise Sustainability Reporting

Log and timestamp every consumed utility unit for effective resource management and waste reduction.

Connect utility consumption with emission factors to conveniently calculate the carbon footprint at a product level, providing crucial transparency regarding each product's environmental influence.

Our track record speaks for itself.

We operate across Industries

Our flexible solutions apply across various industries


Ensure seamless batch production and data tracebility

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Optimize yield with production monitoring and analytics

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Consumer Goods

Accelerate throughput with cutting edge technology

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Sustain high-speed quality production and reach out target output

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Gain instant visibility into the
manufacturing process

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Gain real time accessiblity of factory operations to reduce downtime

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