Empowering Smart Manufacturing Through Data Insights

With Procheck you can enjoy a 360-degree view of your entire plant at your fingertips. With us, you'll have full visibility into every aspect of your operations, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence. Say goodbye to blind spots and embrace the power of comprehensive insights, all in one place.

The Procheck Solution

Drive continuous efficiency with Procheck's cutting-edge solutions. Our platform revolutionizes factory floors, enabling manufacturers to enhance output, minimize environmental impact, and convert physical operations to connected operations in real time

Improved Visibility

Remote monitor all assets and processes for real-time visibility at the unit level and across your plant

Enhanced Throughput

Boost throughput by eliminating bottlenecks and micro-stoppages.

Maximized Uptime

Increase availability with proactive monitoring, preventive measures, and root cause analysis.

Heightened Quality

Elevate first pass yield, reduce scrap, and identify the root causes of inefficiencies.

Dynamic Optimization

Fine-tune processes to adapt swiftly to production goals, material changes, and ambient conditions.

Sustainable Operations

Gain insights to manage energy consumption, reduce costs, and minimize emissions for a greener future.

Real-Time Visibility

In manufacturing, continuous improvement begins with the collection of data from your operational machine assets. Procheck offers seamless automated machine data collection, delivering data-driven insights within minutes.

The information gathered from your equipment fuels immediate, actionable insights for individuals and systems alike, empowering faster, informed decision-making and driving the path toward automation

OEE & KPI Tracking

Amplify your equipment efficiency across the board. Detect and resolve bottlenecks, inefficiencies, equipment failures, and quality concerns while proactively implementing preventive measures.

Our integrated OEE calculators provide valuable performance insights for individual equipment pieces and your entire production process.

Downtime Analysis

Gain clear visibility into downtime causes with Procheck's user-friendly platform. Delve deep into significant issues and identify patterns that enable manufacturers to optimize production by addressing the root cause of unplanned downtimes and unexpected losses, thus preventing their recurrence.

Remote Plant Monitoring

Optimize production through actionable insights from your machine’s operational data, get real-time alerts, and understand your asset’s operational capacity to maximize output.Have a comprehensive view of your entire plant at your fingertips.

Our track record speaks for itself.

We operate across Industries

Our flexible solutions apply across various industries


Ensure seamless batch production and data tracebility

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Optimize yield with production monitoring and analytics

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Consumer Goods

Accelerate throughput with cutting edge technology

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Sustain high-speed quality production and reach out target output

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Gain instant visibility into the
manufacturing process

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Gain real time accessiblity of factory operations to reduce downtime

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