Unleash Peak Productivity and Sustainability

Imagine optimizing production efficiency while meeting your sustainability goals.Harness data to pinpoint and eradicate waste and inefficiencies in your processes. Seize control of your production and witness tangible results now

The Procheck Solution

Unlock continuous improvement for your business objectives with Procheck!Leverage Procheck to collect and analyze production data, optimizing your operations for enhanced efficiency and success

Seamless Integration

Our non-intrusive end-to-end system seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, eliminating disruptions.

Remote Accessibility and Easy Installation

The installation process can be completed in under 1 hour, ensuring uninterrupted production and you can view it our intuitive web-based application from any device, at any time.

Scalable Deployment

Quickly deploy to multiple lines and sites, ensuring consistent reporting across all locations.

Optimize With OEE And KPI Tracking

Optimize the Potential of Your Existing Resources

  • Experience real-time insights into production efficiency through automated OEE calculations and KPI analytics.
  • Monitor performance data for equipment, products, or overall production processes, enabling data-driven decisions that enhance efficiency, minimize waste, and drive cost savings for better outcomes.

Streamline Stop Cause Registration

Efficiently Monitor Production Stops and Minimize Downtime

  • Optimize data collection with streamlined processes and utilize digital communication and visualization tools to pinpoint areas for enhancement
  • Empower factory floor operators to swiftly report stop causes and access actionable data, driving impactful improvements and boosting production capacity

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Enhanced Process Control

Boost Performance with Automated Digital Checks

  • Introduce automatic quality control checks at regular intervals during production to ensure product adherence to quality standards and compliance.
  • Addressing issues in real time enables continuous product improvement and process efficiency enhancement.

Real-time Performance Dashboards

Empower proactive decision-making

  • Offer real-time performance visibility directly on the factory floor for all team members
  • Effortlessly monitor current batch progress and identify potential bottlenecks impacting production performance.
  • Timely insights for decisive action and target achievement.
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