Optimized Asset Management for Agriculture Industries and Mills

Unlock Greater Output from Existing Resources.
Optimize production performance data to increase efficiency and profitability without expanding lines or relying on overtime.

The Procheck Solution

Unlock continuous improvement for your business objectives with Procheck!
Leverage Procheck to collect and analyze production data, optimizing your operations for enhanced efficiency and success

Seamless Integration & Easy Installation

Our non-intrusive end-to-end system seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, eliminating disruptions.The installation process can be completed in under 1 hour, ensuring uninterrupted production

Dynamic Real-Time Insights

Effortless access to actionable data and key performance indicators across all your production lines, through a seamless and intuitive application

Scalable Deployment

Quickly deploy to multiple lines and sites, ensuring consistent reporting across all locations.

Optimize With Oee And Kpi Tracking

Enhance Production Capacity and On-Time Performance

  • Imagine unlocking greater output from your existing resources without adding new lines or relying on overtime.
  • Utilize production performance data to strategize and boost your production capacity, leading to improved efficiency and profitability with timely deliveries.

Real-Time Performance Dashboards

Live Production Status, On the Factory Floor

  • Visualize real-time batch or shift performance dashboards directly on your factory floor, enabling everyone to monitor progress aligned with your targets
  • Gain insights into estimated completion times for current batches and identify potential blockers affecting production performance. Take decisive action with confidence and efficiency
  • Take decisive action with confidence and efficiency

Enhanced Process Control

Optimize Efficiency with Automated Quality Control Checks

  • Implement scheduled automatic control points throughout production to ensure your product meets quality parameters and complies with requirements.
  • Collect and aggregate batch-specific quality control data for a comprehensive review.

Seamless Erp System Integration

Empower Customers with Traceable Orders

  • Integrate Procheck with your ERP system to optimize and enhance processes.
  • Seamlessly manage the manufacturing process without duplicating efforts across systems, saving time, and providing traceability for customers and suppliers.
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