Taking the factory to the cloud

Experience the power of Procheck's Manufacturing Intelligence Solution, designed to eliminate tedious manual tasks, automate data collection, increase machine uptime, optimize assembly lines, and maintain unwavering quality standards, in the face of complex production challenges.

The Procheck Platform

Procheck offers real-time factory visibility and actionable insights by harnessing sensor data to create a digital twin of the entire facility. Here's what our impact so far looks like

9 Countries

700 Machines

125+ Production lines

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Solving manufacturing challenges doesn't have to be complex

Embrace efficiency and bid farewell to the frustrations and inefficiencies of conventional manufacturing methods. With ProCheck welcome increased productivity and enhanced profitability

Production Monitoring

Transform your factory production data into actionable insights

With Procheck's OEE and Production Monitoring, gain visibility and transparency into your production line. Identify downtime causes and optimize operations with real-time insights, empowering you to make impactful improvements.

Remote Plant Monitoring | Maximize production with real-time insights from operational data, receive process anomaly alerts, and optimize asset capacity for peak output.

Edge Devices

Streamline Data Collection with Plug-and-Play Simplicity

Procheck devices simplify data collection in manufacturing by automatically gathering information from manufacturing lines. Collected data is securely sent to the cloud and transformed into real-time actionable insights.

  • Effortless Installation |  Swift, non-disruptive installation takes no time, avoiding interruptions or downtime.
  • Seamless Integration, No IT Required | Efficient deployment without overhauling systems, enabling quick implementation.
  • Robust Data Security and Transmission | Utilizing advanced encryption and secure network communication for maximum protection of your valuable information

Video and Advanced Analytics

Elevate Your Process Insight

Procheck introduces visual analytics to your production line, providing a fresh perspective for enhanced understanding and impactful enhancements.

Visual Monitoring | Experience your production processes with fresh, enlightening insights.

Advanced Analytics | Access comprehensive data for deeper insights and effective improvements.

Insightful improvements | Leverage data to make strategic decisions that enhance operational efficiency.

Equipment Maintenance

Streamline Equipment Maintenance

With Procheck, proactive equipment maintenance becomes simpler, minimizing unplanned downtime and ensuring continuous productivity.

Preventive Maintenance | Effortlessly plan and execute proactive maintenance.

Minimized Downtime | Prevent unforeseen interruptions to keep your production line running smoothly.

Enhanced Productivity | Sustain equipment health for seamless operations and improved output.

Energy Monitoring

Enhance Resource Utilization through Energy Monitoring

Procheck's energy management lets you oversee energy consumption, enabling informed, sustainable choices

Live Monitoring | Observe real-time energy and resource usage.

Optimized Consumption | Detect waste, enhance efficiency, and lower expenses.

Sustainability-Centric Choices | Opt for decisions that benefit your business and contribute to environmental well-being.

Manufacturers using Procheck have seen significant increase in efficiency just weeks after using our product


Increase in production efficiency at Treet Corp


Increase in efficiency in just 2 months at GSK Pharmaceuticals


Reduction in unplanned downtime at a Beverages Company


Increase in OEE at Haleon, a world-leading consumer health company

Measurable Advancements in Just Weeks

Say goodbye to blind spots and embrace the power of comprehensive insights, all in one place.

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