Foresee Equipment Challenges and Avert Costly Downtime

Proactively monitor your equipment's condition with Procheck's predictive maintenance. Minimize the chances of unforeseen breakdowns, lessening downtime and facilitating continuous, seamless production.

Guiding you through every phase as you strive to establish an intelligent, digital factory. Embrace the potential of data-driven enhancements and remain competitive within the Industry 4.0 environment.

The Procheck Solution

Advance incessant enhancement toward your business objectives! Procheck empowers you to gather and scrutinize production data, optimizing your operations.

Seamless Integration Solution

Remote monitor all assets and processes for real-time visibility at the unit level and across your plant

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Expandable Solution with Data Security

Unlimited users and infinite digital and analog data inputs. Get maximum protection through advanced encryption and secure network communication

Swift Deployment

IInstallation completed within an hour, maintaining uninterrupted production.


Empower Your Team with Immediate Support

Enhance communication and amplify productivity with a real-time support tool designed for swift assistance requests and effective issue resolution.Operators utilize Andon to indicate urgent requirements, while technicians employ it to prioritize and handle tickets according to their urgency.

Preventive Maintenance

Stay Proactive Against Downtime with Adaptive, Data-Infused Maintenance Planning

Procheck's Preventive Maintenance module revolutionizes your machinery management by enabling synchronization of maintenance schedules with live production cycles, beyond calendar time. Dynamically schedule recurring maintenance tasks according to machine usage, ensuring optimal machinery utilization.

Predictive Maintenance

Monitor the Vital Signs of Your Machinery

Identify and avert issues before they arise!Swiftly and effectively address anomalies using analog sensors and data tailored for constant monitoring of your crucial equipment around the clock, notifying you if any faults are emerging.

Video Process Analysis

Shift from Guessing to Certainty

Bid farewell to uncertainty and the hours wasted in identifying problems or chasing incorrect downtime reasons.
A single click on the relevant data point grants you immediate access to video footage of the line when it halted or events leading up to it.
Discover where to optimize your time, elevate efficiency, and enhance machinery uptime.

OEE And Downtime Analysis

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Optimize Machine Utilization

Identify and tackle production delays, inefficiencies, machinery malfunctions, and quality issues, taking proactive measures to prevent their recurrence.

Swift Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculations provide oversight of each production line, shift, batch, or product's performance.

Leverage these insights to guide informed decisions, with the goal of reducing production expenses and elevating capacity utilization.

Our track record speaks for itself.

We operate across Industries

Our flexible solutions apply across various industries


Ensure seamless batch production and data tracebility

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Optimize yield with production monitoring and analytics

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Consumer Goods

Accelerate throughput with cutting edge technology

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Sustain high-speed quality production and reach out target output

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Gain instant visibility into the
manufacturing process

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Gain real time accessiblity of factory operations to reduce downtime

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