Unlock the Power of Data Access in Your Production Lines

Experience seamless digitalization of your production process, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. Access vital information from all your lines, across multiple sites, enabling continuous improvements with ease.

12% efficieny boost in just 2 months, with rapid payback.

The Procheck Solution

Unlock continuous improvement for your business objectives with Procheck!
Leverage Procheck to collect and analyze production data, optimizing your operations for enhanced efficiency and success

Seamless Integration

Our non-intrusive end-to-end system seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, eliminating disruptions.

User-Friendly Experience

Streamlined tasks with minimal time and clicks for effortless usability.

Scalable Deployment

Quickly deploy to multiple lines and sites, ensuring consistent reporting across all locations.

Enhanced Process Control

Minimize disruptions and maximize production output

  • Automate quality control with scheduled checkpoints throughout production.
  • Review batch-specific data to ensure compliance and monitor vital parameters for your business.
  • Identify and address issues in real-time, fostering continuous product quality improvement and process efficiency

OEE and KPI Monitoring

Gain clarity with dependable data

  • Effortlessly access real-time OEE numbers, visualize performance metrics, and production KPIs.
  • Leverage these insights to optimize production processes, minimize scrap, and enhance efficiency across all lines and batches.
  • Stay well-informed and take proactive measures for continuous operational improvement and superior outcomes.

Tailored Solutions for Every Role and Team Function

Production Manager

Maximizing Resource Efficiency and Minimizing Downtime with Real-Time Insights

Process Engineer

Enhancing Manufacturing Processes with Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting


Unlock Business Goals through a Cohesive, Data-Driven Perspective of Production Operations

Quality Manager

Ensuring Quality Standards and Reducing Scrap and Defects


Supporting the Factory Floor for Efficient Operations and Target Achievement

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